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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tonight on Boomerang! (24.August)

20.05. Top Cat 
Hawai, Here We Come
When Benny the Ball wins a cruise to Hawaii through a boxtop contest, he and his pals board the SS Aloha Hooey, with five of the cats sneaking on as stowaways. Officer Dibble accidentally becomes a fellow passenger by chasing a counterfeiter on board.

20.30. The Flintstones

The Bedrock Hillbillies 

 Fred inherits a shack in the hills from his hillbilly relatives, and with it a hundred-year-old feud with the Hatrock clan.

21.00. The Jetsons 
Family Fallout

 Mr. Spacely and his family are invited to appear on the game show Family Fallout. So he schemes to find a family dumb enough to compete against them which would be the Jetsons. Who wins the grand galactic prize and who gets zonked?


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