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Friday, August 9, 2013

Tonight on Boomerang! (09.August)

20.05. Dastardly and Muttley

Medal Muddle/Go South Young Pigeon/Magnificent Muttley:Admiral Bird Dog
- The complete collection of Muttley's medals appear to be stolen. Muttley insists on Dick Dastardly helping him to get back the medals.
- Dick Dastardly, Muttley, Klunk and Zilly experience great difficulties finding the pigeon among many other birds going south to hibernate.
- Muttley dreams he's trying to reach the North Pole. Dastardly tries to beat him to it.

 20.30. The Flintstones 

Groom Gloom

Arnold the paper boy continues to annoy Fred as he is playing with Pebbles. He jokes that they will get married when they grow up. Fred then has a bad dream that Arnold grows up, becomes the local hero, takes his job at the quarry, his pride as a pool player and bowler, his friendship with Barney, and of course, marries Pebbles. 

21.00. The Jetsons

Millionaire Astro

 Astro/"Tralfaz," is caught in a custody battle between the Jetsons and millionaire J.P. Gottrockets.

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