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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tonight on Boomerang! (22.August)

20.05. Dastardly and Muttley

Movies Are Badder Than Ever/Home Sweet Homing Pigeon/Magnificent Muttley:Aquanuts

  - The General sends over a movie director to film the crew and see what they are doing wrong.
   - Zilly,Muttley and Klunk refuse to obey Dastardly's command because their enlistments are up.
   - Muttley dreams he's a deep sea treasure hunter, with Dastardly out to steal the treasure he eventually finds.

20.30. The Flintstones Ten Little Flintstones

Chaos reigns supreme when ten androids from another planet--all whom are dead-ringers for Fred--land in Bedrock causing havoc in an attempt to conquer the earth. When the alien master admits failure and recalls the androids, Fred is left to explain his odd behavior

21.00. The Jetsons

Judy's Birthday Surprise

Judy tells her talking lips diary of the events of the week before her birthday on Sat. expecting her parents to throw her a surprise birthday party.

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