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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

September 2013 Boomerang Cinema

04.September - 13.15 / 21.September - 14.30

The New Scooby Doo Movies: The Lochness Mess (1972)

On a trip to Shaggy's Uncle Nathaniel, the kids and the Harlem Globetrotters must again solve a mystery involving three ghosts who are trying to keep them away from a bay that contains a sunken ship filled with treasure. 

07.September - 14.30 / 18.September - 13.15

The Jetsons Meet The Flintstones (1987) Flintstone and George Jetson have some things in common: They have back breaking jobs and families to support, but they soon find out a little more about one another one peculiar day when George Jetson's son Elroy builds a time machine, the family thinks it a joke but agrees to try it out anyway. It was built to take them further into the future, but instead (thanks to Astro) they get sent back to Prehistorica Days. Back to the town of Bedrock. 

11.September - 13.15 / 28.September - 14.30

The Pagemaster (1994) 

 A cowardly boy who buries himself in accident statistics enters a library to escape a storm only to be transformed into an animated illustration by the Pagemaster. He has to work through obstacles from classic books to return to real life.

14.September - 14.30 / 25.September - 13.15

Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School (1988) 

Scooby-Doo, Shaggy and Scrappy-Doo are on their way to a Miss Grimwood's Finishing School for Girls, where they have been hired as gym teachers. Once there, however, they find that it is actually a school for girl ghouls.


  1. Huh, so they do still own the rights to The Pagemaster.

    1. I guess so. The last time they aired it was years ago.