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Saturday, April 26, 2014


In May more BAD CHANGES with The Flintstones gone from the weekdays schedule and replaced by the awful Lazy Town. I fear what will happen in June since every month we get less and less classics and more and more of trash. Also Boomerang Cinema is gone from Wednesday and now only airs on Saturdays. There are some small time slot changes overnight with most shows moving 15 minutes earlier so at 05.35 CET Cartoonito Tales are added.

/all times CET/
06.00    Paddington Bear
06.20    Lazy Town
06.45    Pink Panther and Pals 
07.00    Firehouse Tales
07.25    Bananas In Pyjamas
07.40    Garfield

08.10    Tom and Jerry Kids
08.20    Lazy Town
08.50    Bananas In Pyjamas   
09.20    Krypto The Super Dog
09.45    Cartoonito Tales

10.00    Tom and Jerry Kids
10.10    Paddington Bear
10.35    Lazy Town 
11.00    Pink Panther and Pals
11.15    Baby Looney Tunes
11.40    Bananas In Pyjamas
11.55    Firehouse Tales
12.20    Krypto The Super Dog

12.50    Tom and Jerry Tales
13.15    Garfield
13.40    Animaniacs
14.05    Tom and Jerry Kids
14.25    Lazy Town

14.50    A Pup Named Scooby Doo 
15.15    Dexter's Laboratory
15.30    Droopy, Master Detective
16.00    Duck Dodgers
16.30    The Jetsons
17.00    Lazy Town
17.25    Looney Tunes
17.35    Tom and Jerry Tales 
18.00    Taz-Mania
18.25    Scooby Doo, Where Are You?
18.50    Tom and Jerry

19.05    Cartoonito Tales
19.20    Pink Panther and Pals
19.40    Garfield
20.10    Animaniacs
20.35    Tom and Jerry Kids
21.00    Paddington Bear
21.20    Lazy Town
21.45    Pink Panther and Pals 
22.00    Firehouse Tales
22.25    Bananas In Pyjamas
22.40    Garfield

23.05    Tom and Jerry Kids 
23.15    Lazy Town
23.40    Bananas In Pyjamas   
00.15    Krypto The Super Dog
00.40    Cartoonito Tales

00.50    Tom and Jerry Kids
01.00    Paddington Bear
01.20    Lazy Town 
01.45    Pink Panther and Pals
02.00    Baby Looney Tunes
02.25    Bananas In Pyjamas
02.40    Firehouse Tales
03.05    Krypto The Super Dog
03.30    Tom and Jerry Tales 
03.55    Garfield
04.20    Animaniacs
04.45    Tom and Jerry Kids
05.10    Lazy Town

05.35    Cartoonito Tales
05.50    Looney Tunes

1 comment:

  1. Fully agree with the person who writes this blog. Remove Lazytown, Cartoonito Tales, Bananas in Pyjamas and all of the other unadulterated (fill in the blank).

    After all this is Hanna-Barbera's memory lane treasure chest and we are seeing less and less HB shows, which is heart breaking and blood draining.

    Please bring back HB's shows, remove all of this pre-school monstrosities of bad programs and add some of Cartoon Network's early shows.