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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Animaniacs Join Boomerang!

In April a new show joins Boomerang and it's another one of Warner Brother's classic 90s shows - Animaniacs. The show will debut, fittingly, on April 1 (April Fools Day) and on that day we'll be getting a double bill of it, with first 2 episodes airing back to back at 13.40 & 14.05 cet, 20.10 & 20.35 cet and 04.40 & 05.05 cet. After that, it will keep on with one episode a day at 13.40, 20.10 and 04.40 cet, replacing Tiny Toon Adventures. I guess we can only hope Tiny Toons are not gone forever and will eventually return. It would be great to have a block of WB's 90s shows. The current schedule can be improved A LOT, with less baby shows and more classics.


  1. When will they return ''Help...It's the Hair Bear Bunch!''? That was one of my favorite shows. It's not a very good thing that there are less and less Hanna-Barbera shows on Boomerang. What about the original Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound and Quick Draw McGraw shorts?

    1. You should know, that these shorts hadn't or haven't been dubbed in Russian, so we must wait to the Turner new decisions.

  2. What about ''Help...It's The Hair Bear Bunch?''.

  3. I like this cartoon, what a shame that due to a stupid localization process from Turner, we lost CN HQ and BM HQ.