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Friday, September 6, 2013

October 2013 WEEKDAYS - Big Changes

Big changes are coming in October and I'm not really sure if they are good or bad. Cartoonito hour increase dramatically to the point where now it seems Boomerang is actually a block within Cartoonito.

- CARTOONITO will now go from 06.00 until 12.50 and then during the night from 21.00 until 03.45 CET. I was shocked when I saw that there's this second huge block in the night. Some of the best classics were shown during the night last few years and now most of them are gone. I guess the reason for this, evening Cartoonito block is the fact Boomerang will now be translated into Russian and Russia has a lot of time zones. The eastern parts of it are 8 or 9 hours ahead of CET so 21.00 cet is actually 06.00 there. That evening Cartoonito block is basically an early morning one for them. Also noticed that the schedule in both of these Cartoonito blocks are completely the same. I really wish they at least gave Boomerang full 12 hours, from 12.00 until 00.00 cet and then start with Cartoonito again cause 21.00 is just too early and too soon.

- BOOMERANG, the channel that airs classic cartoons (anyone remember that?) will now go from 12.50 until 21.00 cet and then for a strange short period between 2 gigantic Cartoonito blocks, from 03.45 until 06.00 CET. As for the cartoons airing, it's pretty much the same old ones though several are missing. Cartoons gone from the schedule are: Taz-Mania, Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries, Yogi's Treasure Hunt, Johnny Bravo, Dastardly and Muttley, Hong Kong Phooey, Help! It's The Hair Bear Bunch, Yogi Bear (80s version) and The Perils of Penelope Pitstop.Most of them aired in the evening and overnight and I also guess most of them don't have Russian dubbing so now they are axed, the same way most classics were gone when Boomerang started airing in Romanian. That's the bad thing about one channel being localized for several countries, it takes a lot of money and work to translate it all and so we get to have less variety. BOOMERANG CINEMA will still air on Wednesdays but now at a new time, same as Saturdays, at 14.30 CET.

The only good thing about these changes is the fact we'll at least have Boomerang for a longer time during daytime without Cartoonito interuptions.

(all times CET)

06.00    Paddington Bear
06.20    Lazy Town
06.45    Ha Ha Hairies 
07.00    Baby Looney Tunes
07.25    Bananas In Pyjamas
07.40    Jelly Jamm
07.55    Krypto The Super Dog
08.20    Lazy Town
08.50    Bananas In Pyjamas   
09.20    Ha Ha Hairies
09.50    Cartoonito Tales
10.10    Paddington Bear
10.35    Lazy Town 
11.00    Jelly Jamm
11.15    Baby Looney Tunes
11.40    Bananas In Pyjamas
11.55    Ha Ha Hairies
12.20    Kryto The Super Dog
12.50    Tom and Jerry Tales
13.15    Garfield
13.45    Tiny Toon Adventures
14.10    Tom and Jerry Kids
14.30    Pink Panther and Pals
14.50    A Pup Named Scooby Doo 
15.15    Dexter's Laboratory
15.35    Droopy, Master Detective
16.00    Duck Dodgers
16.25    The Jetsons
16.50    The Flintstones
17.20    Tom and Jerry
17.35    Top Cat
18.00    A Pup Named Scooby Doo
18.25    Scooby Doo, Where Are You?
18.50    Tom and Jerry
19.05    Looney Tunes
19.20    Pink Panther and Pals
19.40    Garfield
20.10    Tiny Toon Adventures
20.35    Tom and Jerry Kids
21.00    Paddington Bear
21.20    Lazy Town
21.45    Ha Ha Hairies 
22.00    Baby Looney Tunes
22.25    Bananas In Pyjamas
22.40    Jelly Jamm
22.55    Krypto The Super Dog
23.20    Lazy Town
23.50    Bananas In Pyjamas   
00.30    Ha Ha Hairies
00.55    Cartoonito Tales
01.10    Paddington Bear
01.35    Lazy Town 
02.00    Jelly Jamm
02.15    Baby Looney Tunes
02.40    Bananas In Pyjamas
02.55    Ha Ha Hairies
03.20    Kryto The Super Dog
03.45    Tom and Jerry Tales 
04.15    Garfield
04.40    Tiny Toon Adventures
05.05    Tom and Jerry Kids
05.30    Pink Panther and Pals
05.50    Looney Tunes


  1. I can't beleive it! That Cartoonito must really separate from Boomerang because look what it became. And you forgot to say that Gerald McBoing Boing is also gone. I wonder how the weekend schedule will look like.

    1. Yeah, I missed that. Can't even bother with what's on Cartoonito since I never watch it.

      If it was only one morning block from 6 till 12 it would be ok but this second, nightly block is just unnecesary. Boomerang Europe has only one, long block and that's enough.


    Geez, Turner, can't you just make Cartoonito a separate channel instead of CONSTANTLY FORCING US TO WATCH IT ON BOOMERANG?!? This is torture!

  3. I've got one question, will Boomerang CEE still show Boomerang Cinema on Wednesdays in October 2013?

    1. Yes it will, but it will now air at 14.30 cet. I just updated the schedule.

  4. On the plus side, Tiny Toon Adventures will return, and some shows that are staying will be at an earlier time. Scooby Doo Where Are You is no longer on late at night anymore.

    But yeah, an evening Cartoonito block? are the timeslots that awkward to have late-night preschool programming?

  5. @BoomerangArchiver this evening Cartoonito block only helps for Russian Federation, where 21:00CET as in Poland is 6:00 for example for Siberia. 3:45CET is 12:45 for Siberian.

  6. Hi guys, it's great to read the feedback. Here's couple quick responses:
    1. Dubbing issues are challenging for a multi-language channel but you are sure to see some more classics returning by the end of the year!
    2. The entire schedule starts repeating from 21:00, this is indeed to reach far east Russia.
    3. Cartoonito is actually quite popular with the viewers so we tried to accomodate everyone. It is not an easy task, but hope this new structure make it better for all fans.

    Happy watching!

    1. Thanks for commenting and giving us some answers. I hope you keep in mind that there's also a lot of viewers who still want to watch Boomerang classics and cartoons.

  7. Why doesn't Turner launch a separate feed for Boomerang Poland? Then, they won't have problems with the Ad Break cues, and they can air all the shows they had dubbed.

  8. @BoomerangArchiver, Gosh. They must only launch a feed for Russia...
    Boomerang CEE si okey, but they must end Cartoonito as a blcok and launch a normal feed.
    I think, as Anonymous is a one of the people from Polish/Hungarian/Romanian/Russian Turner Office...


  10. In a way Boomerang will stop being a 24 hour channel from October. We should look at it like Cartoon Network, it goes from 06.00 till 21.00 and then it's replayed for far east Russia. If they would make morning Cartoonito a bit shorter it would be much better, it should last until 11.00 and then classics until 21.00. That would be bearable and much better.

  11. What's with the Boomerang Cinema schedule?

  12. I don't know what is happening in other countries,but in Romania we don't have the English audio anymore ,just the hungarian and the romanian...well if they are trying to stop me from watching Boomerang they are almost there........i liked the cartoons in their original audio,the english one.....please tell me this is just you know anything about this problem?

    1. For me it's the same, I still have English audio as main and Hungarian as optional. You should write to your cable provider and ask them to turn on the English audio.

  13. It's not from dissapeared in the same period with the Boomerang schedule changes.....i don't know what to say....