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Friday, October 5, 2012


On Monday, 29. October, Tom and Jerry Tales joins Boomerang and will air weekdays at 10.10 ,16.10 & 04.10. while on weekends it will be at 09.40 & 04.10.

Tom & Jerry adventures that bring back the old spirit of the original show with the familiar chasing and scheming that everyone knows so well. The series tends to have various themes; whether it’s sport, science-fiction or technology.


  1. I don't know what the exact order is, but when it premiered in the UK, the 1st episode was Ho Ho Horrors (Christmas/Winter theme), but according to the schedule, Boomerang Europe will start with "Bat's what i like about the south", which is sad cause they've missed a trick there (Halloween?).

    Also, i may have said it before, but the airings are only two episodes (15mins) during the day, and only one 6-7min at the late night run.

  2. Too bad they don't have a special Halloween schedule but I've noticed they will show Halloween episodes of some cartoons like Garfield and some Cartoonito shows. There's also New Scooby Doo Movies as part of Boomerang Cinema that day since it's Wednesday so it fits nicely. I don't remember if they ever had Halloween specials in the past.

    1. not that i know of. from what i've seen, Boomerang CEE has only done a few one-off specials on a weekend, like the Cat Club and May Day Picnic.

      The Pink Panther weekend last year was probably their first Christmas themed event, but that was mainly the new 2011 special and back-to-back Pink Panther & Pals. actually, DID they air the old special too? cause i didn't see it, and they never aired it in the UK.

    2. That's probably because Romania does not celebrate Halloween at all.