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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


On Friday, 12. of October Cartoonito will celebrate it's first year on Boomerang. For that occasion there's a special celebration during Cartoonito's 3 daily slots (06.00-07.25, 11.00-12.45 & 17.00-19.25) . I'm not exactly sure what will happen but here's an official statement:

"A one year has gone since Cartoonito arrived on Boomerang and we’re celebrating this anniversary with a block of cartoons packed with never seen before episodes. Join the day full of surprises, birthday celebrations and fun with your favorite Cartoonito characters!"

My personal wish for Cartoonito's birthday is less of this block and more attention on Boomerang and it's classic cartoons. 


  1. I know there was a one-off slot in the afternoon for Paddington Bear (not the 12:20 slot you've just mentioned on weekdays). i think it was on a friday.

  2. when cartoonito will become a separate channel

    1. Not any time soon, I asked this and there are no such plans, sadly.