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Monday, February 15, 2016

April 2016 - WEEKDAYS

In April several shows will make a comeback. First of all Duck Dodgers is back after quite a long time, airing at 11.50 and 20.05 CET which means classic Looney Tunes are now completelly gone from the schedule. Inspector Gadget is also back, at 06.00 and 16.55 CET. Tom and Jerry Kids get an early morning slot at 06.25 CET. Be Cool, Scooby Doo! will get a regular weekday slot at 19.05 CET while Pink Panther & Pals leaves the schedule.

/all times CET/
06.00    Inspector Gadget 
06.25    Tom and Jerry Kids       
06.55    Garfield           
07.25    Mr Bean         
07.50    Wabbit   
             TOM AND JERRY TIME       
08.15    The Tom and Jerry Show                  
08.40    Tom and Jerry Tales       
09.05    Tom and Jerry     
09.35    The Owl & Co       
10.00    Tiny Toon Adventures       
10.50    The Flintstones             
11.50    Duck Dodgers         
12.15    Mr Bean       
12.45    Tom and Jerry Tales           
13.10    What's New, Scooby Doo?       
13.40    Krypto, the Super Dog   
14.05    Tom and Jerry        
14.30    A Pup Named Scooby Doo          
15.00    Garfield       
15.30    Mr Bean       
What's New, Scooby Doo?          
16.20    The Flintstones     
16.50    Oddbods 

16.55    Inspector Gadget      
17.25    Wabbit      

17.45    Tom and Jerry Tales                  
Tom and Jerry       
The Tom and Jerry Show  
19.05    Be Cool, Scooby Doo!  
19.35    Garfield  
20.05    Duck Dodgers        
20.30    The Flintstones       
21.00    The Jetsons      
The Owl & Co          
Lazy Town        
22.25    Robin Hood: Mischief in Sherwood   
23.15    Garfield       
00.05    The Tom and Jerry Show    
00.45    The Owl & Co     
01.05    Lazy Town         
01.55    Garfield      
Robin Hood: Mischief in Sherwood           
The Owl & Co           
04.20    Lazy Town   
04.45    Garfield   
05.35    Tom and Jerry

Last week of the month will feature BOOMERANG FUN BOX airing from 07.50 until 12.15 CET. Here's the line up:

MONDAY - 25 April:
07.50    Robin Hood: Mischief in Sherwood   
09.15    The Tom and Jerry Show       
10.45    The Flintstones   

TUESDAY - 26 April:
07.50    The Tom and Jerry Show   
09.10    Be Cool, Scooby Doo!       
10.30    Mr Bean

WEDNESDAY - 27 April:
07.50    The Flintstones   
09.20    Robin Hood: Mischief in Sherwood       
10.45    Garfield

THURSDAY - 28  April:
07.50    Be Cool, Scooby Doo!   
09.10    Mr Bean       
10.30    The Tom and Jerry Show

FRIDAY - 29 April:
07.50    Garfield   
09.20    The Flintstones       
10.50    Robin Hood: Mischief in Sherwood


  1. Better variety than Boomerang USA. Boomerang Italy and USA are the worse Boomerang channels in my opinion.

  2. It's February and you're bringing up the schedule for April? I always wondered how you do that.

  3. Duck Dodgers is back? Wooow
    I wish Dexter's Laboratory and Droopy Master Detective was brought back.

  4. OOOOOOOOOH YEEEEEEEEES! ''Duck Dodgers'' is back. And so will be ''Tiny Toon Adventures'' and ''The Sylester and Tweety Mysteries''. A fitting tribute for the late Joe Alaskey.

  5. I think Boomerang CEE should add older CN originals like the Asia-Pacific feeds.

  6. When will the may schedule arrive?