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Sunday, October 25, 2015

PRIME TIME THIS WEEK (26 - 30 October)

20.05  Looney Tunes

Monday:         A Hick, a Slick and a Chick (1948)
                       Hold the Lion, Please (1942)
                       Hollywood Daffy (1946)

Tuesday:        Jack-Wabbit and the Beanstalk (1943)
                       Kitty Kornered
Life with Feathers (1945)

Wednesday:   My Favorite Duck (1942)
Naughty But Mice (1947
Quentin Quail (1946)

Thursday:       Buccaneer Bunny (1947)
The Shell Shocked Egg (1948)
                       Slick Hare (1947

Friday:            A Tale of Two Mice (1945)
                       Duck Soup to Nuts (1944)
                       Tortoise Beats Hare (1941)

20.30  The Flintstones

Monday:  The Astra Nuts (1961)
Fred and Barney go to a recruitment center by mistake and find themselves signed up for three years of military service.

Tuesday: In The Dough (1961)

Wilma's "Flint-Rubble-Double-Bubble Cake" wins a baking contest, but when her sudden illness keeps her from competing at the next level, Fred decides to disguise himself and take his wife's place. 

Wednesday: Fred's New Boss (1962) 

When Barney loses his job, he prevails upon Fred to try to get him hired on at the gravel pit. The introduction of Fred's neighbor to his boss results in the startling discovery that Barney and Mr. Slate are relatives. 


Thursday: Bowling Ballet (1962) 

Fred has a problem with bowling and takes ballet lessons to regain his skills for a big tournament.  

Friday: The Twitch (1962) 

Fred gets pop star "Rock Roll" to perform at Wilma's women's club function. When Rock suffers laryngitis pursuant to an allergic reaction and cannot perform, Fred comes to the rescue by donning Rock's costume and lip-syncing to his hit record. 

21.00  The Jetsons 

Monday: The Mirrormorph (1985) 
Judy Jetson orders clay for her art project. But she instead gets the wrong order of clay which turns out to be an silent alien that shape shifts into a duplicate of the same person who touches it.

Tuesday:  The Cosmic Courtship of George and Jane (1985)
George must woo Jane again after she learns that their marriage isn't legal.

Wednesday: High Moon (1985)  
Elroy is obsessed with watching a TV spy show until he visits a Western town.

Thursday: Future Tense (1985) 
Jane's new designer glasses let her see into the future.

Friday: Hi-Tech Wreck (1985)

When R.U.D.I. malfunctions one time too many, Spacely orders George to relocate his family to "Outer Moongolia"—but is forced to eat crow when R.U.D.I. threatens to destroy his factory.

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