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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

January 2014 WEEKDAYS

In January there are some strange changes on Cartoonito. Ha Ha Hairies is gone from the schedule, thank God. Jelly Jamm is also gone. They are replaced by Pink Panther and Pals at 06.45, 11.00, 21.45 and 02.00 cet, Garfield at 07.40 and 22.40 cet and Krypto The Super Dog at 09.20 and 00.20 cet. Also, Tom and Jerry Kids gets two 10 minute slots during Cartoonito at 08.10 and 23.10 cet. I guess it's good that there's a bit less of Cartoonito but the shows they chose for these slots are not the ones I watch plus they already air several times a day outside of Cartoonito. I'm not sure if they will now be part of Cartoonito and what's the point of them seperating this block so randomly. 

Outside of Cartoonito, the schedule stays the same, with one bad change on 13. January when Top Cat leaves the schedule and is replaced by more of Tom and Jerry Tales at 17.35 cet. Couldn't they at least put the classic Tom and Jerry here??? 

EDIT: Looney Tunes replace Tom and Jerry at 17.25 cet.

(all times CET)
06.00    Paddington Bear
06.20    Lazy Town
06.45    Pink Panther and Pals
07.00    Firehouse Tales
07.25    Bananas In Pyjamas
07.40    Garfield

08.10    Tom and Jerry Kids
08.20    Lazy Town
08.50    Bananas In Pyjamas   
09.20    Kryto The Super Dog
09.50    Cartoonito Tales
10.10    Paddington Bear
10.35    Lazy Town 
11.00    Pink Panther and Pals
11.15    Baby Looney Tunes
11.40    Bananas In Pyjamas
11.55    Firehouse Tales
12.20    Kryto The Super Dog

12.50    Tom and Jerry Tales
13.15    Garfield
13.40    Tiny Toon Adventures
14.10    Tom and Jerry Kids
14.30    Pink Panther and Pals

14.50    A Pup Named Scooby Doo 
15.15    Dexter's Laboratory
15.35    Droopy, Master Detective
16.00    Duck Dodgers
16.30    The Jetsons
16.55    The Flintstones
17.25    Looney Tunes
17.35    Top Cat / Tom and Jerry Tales (from 13.January)
18.00    Taz-Mania
18.30    Scooby Doo, Where Are You?
18.55    Tom and Jerry

19.10    Looney Tunes
19.20    Pink Panther and Pals
19.40    Garfield
20.10    Tiny Toon Adventures
20.35    Tom and Jerry Kids

21.00    Paddington Bear
21.20    Lazy Town
21.45    Pink Panther and Pals
22.00    Firehouse Tales
22.25    Bananas In Pyjamas
22.40    Garfield

23.10    Tom and Jerry Kids
23.20    Lazy Town
23.50    Bananas In Pyjamas   
Kryto The Super Dog
00.50    Cartoonito Tales
01.10    Paddington Bear
01.35    Lazy Town 

02.00    Pink Panther and Pals
02.15    Baby Looney Tunes
02.40    Bananas In Pyjamas
02.55    Firehouse Tales

03.20    Kryto The Super Dog
03.50    Tom and Jerry Tales 
04.15    Garfield
04.40    Tiny Toon Adventures
05.05    Tom and Jerry Kids
05.30    Pink Panther and Pals
05.50    Looney Tunes


  1. Ha Ha Hairies! It was annoying! I hated the premise!
    Seriously, who watched that sort of thing? 3% of the people who watch the Cartoonito block = 100% = ca. 20% of long-time Boomerang viewers in Continental Europe.

  2. Here's a last-minute change:

    the 17.25 slot for Tom & Jerry is replaced with Looney Tunes.
    I forgot to check the 18.55 slot, but its possible to be the same or longer for Tom & Jerry.

    1. by which i mean Looney Tunes being removed from its 19:10 slot, for an extra Tom & Jerry short.