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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Boomerang CEE starts broadcasting in Russian

Today we got a report from looneytooneyfanpl that the English audio was replaced by Russian during some shows. The logical conclusion was that they are testing for a possible launch of a Russian feed. I've checked out some Russian forums and it turns out that in Russia they already started showing some shows with Russian audio on 4. July. So far only  certain shows have Russian audio while others are still in English but it is expected that by autumn all shows will be in Russian. That means that Boomerang CEE now broadcasts in 5 languages: Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian and English. 

Here's a video of Russian dub during Cartoonito show Ha Ha Haires, made by looneytooneyfanpl 


  1. LooneytooneyfanplJuly 30, 2013 at 9:27 PM

    Not Polish, but English Audio Track. I wrote from my TV seeing (Polsat Digital). We had only two audiotracks - Polish and English. English was replaced.

    From 20:30-21:10CET I saw the Flinstones and the Jetsons, but they aren't be dubbed in Russian. I can't see the Boomerang Ad Block (Cartoonito's: Jelly Jamm), but I know, in the Jelly Jamm ad they used only English Audio Track. Also in Cartoonito Baby Looney Tunes aren't dubbed in Russian.

    Russian Audio Track has been launched on Thor 6 as a PID Audio: 565, Polish is a PID Audio: 564.

  2. The Russian audio will official available from October 2013.

  3. And in Greek, not?

    And in Arabic some shows.

    1. And in Bulgarian? :O

      (See the "Lang." coloumn. A=Arabic Gr=Greek Bu=Bulgarian)

    2. That's Boomerang EMEA, other version that airs in Greece, Netherlands,Portugal, Middle East and Africa. It all used to be one channel but they split in October 2011. Also, as far as I know, there's no Bulgarian audio for Boomerang.

    3. Than:
      Boomerang CEE airs in RSEE, in Hungary, Romania and Poland?

    4. Yes. But Russia make dubbed for 6 shows, if I see (from Polsat Digital Boomerang CEE Signal). Romania, Hungary and Poland make dubbed for all shows, but RO&HU didn't make Dubbed Versions for Boomerang Cinema.

    5. the other thing missing is a Russian version of the website.

    6. Thank you the answers.
      BTW the greek site is also missing.