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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

May 2013 Boomerang Cinema

May 1. - 13.15/May 11 - 14.30/May 22 - 13.15    
Lazy Town's New Superhero
Lazy Town has a new superhero and her name is SportaStephanie! In this special 1 hour episode, the kids talk Sportacus into taking a vacation and he leaves LazyTown in the hands of his good friend Stephanie. As SportaStephanie, she faces her first big challenge when Robbie unleashes a hero-hating machine called Robo-Dog, who is programmed to attack anyone who says the word ‘trouble’.

May 4. - 14.30/May 15. - 13.15

The New Scooby Doo Movies: Guess Who's Knott Coming To Dinner(1972)

The kids happen upon Moody Manor to ask for directions, but they find Homer Pipsqueak, a detective, on the search for the missing Captain Moody, and they get mistaken for Moody's nieces and nephews. 

May 8. - 13.15/May 25. - 14.30

Foster's Good Wilt Hunting

Batman and Robin help the gang solve the mystery of a crashed plane, a punch toy filled with counterfeit money and a house that keeps on disappearing.


May 18. - 14.30/May 29. - 13.15

The New Scooby Doo Movies: Ghost of The Red Baron(1972)

With the help of the Three Stooges, the gang try to capture the ghost of the Red Baron, a long dead World War I flying ace who is ruining the area crops.


  1. They need to get rid of that shitty Cartoonito block.It's awful
    Air Animaniacs FFS...we already have Tiny Toons and Taz Mania
    Fuck the Flintstones it sucks

  2. LooneytooneyfanplMay 5, 2013 at 6:26 PM

    @DAMN Tiny Toons are the best cartoon! Also Taz-Mania, but new episodes on June (Info from Polish Turner Entertainment Group). Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries returns this year.

    1. In what context do you mean that? You mean the best cartoon in Boomerang?
      I said that since we have Tiny Toons and Taz Mania it'd be nice if Animaniacs was re-run too
      I never cared about Syslvester and Tweety
      The cartoons I enjoy most on Boomerang are Tiny Toons,Droopy,Taz Mania(to some extent),Top Cat,Stop the Pigeon and ofc Fosters(though I do question it's inclusion since it isn't a classic cartoon)

      This makes me question why they aren't showing Wacky Races

  3. Oh also forgot Looney Tunes in my list of fave boomerang cartoons
    Can't believe I forgot that

  4. LooneytooneyfanplMay 9, 2013 at 9:20 AM

    @DAMN - As we Pole, we had a full dubbed Looney Tunes post-1948, but I wrote to the Polish Center of Boomerang CEE and they wrote - Turner didn't bought rights to the new episodes. In Polish Version I found few cartoons from pre-1948 season, never seen before (after 15 years my 1st watching Looney Tunes Cartoons). They aired in 2011 year on another Polish TV Station. I found the "The Hep Cat" from 1942, "The Wacky Wabbit featuring Bugs Bunny" from 1942, "A Gander at mother Goose" from 1940, "Farm Frolics" from 1941, "Fresh Airedale" from 1945 (not war cartoons, but censored on Boomerang CEE). The Wacky Wabbit is now aired on Boomerang, because they bought a Dubbed Version from Polish TV Station. It was never aired on Cartoon Network CEE (Poland/Romania/Hungary).
    Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries are also the best cartoon produced by Warner Bros. Animaniacs I know, 3rd June starts at 17:05CET on Boomerang EMEA. In CEE Version - in Summer Vacation, I think, or in September.
    @RNDH1987 When you give a Information about June on Boomerang?

    1. I got the schedule but there are no changes. Taz Mania returns, as you already announced but nothing else. I'll post it soon.

  5. Who told you this thing? I remember seeing The Wacky Wabbit on Cartoon Network CEE when I was probably on the first grade in school. How can you tell it was never shown?