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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

March & April 2013 WEEKDAYS

No changes in March but I will post a full schedule since I couldn't do it for February. There will be new episodes of Tom and Jerry Tales from March 18. and in Cartoonito new episodes of Krypto and Bananas in Pyjamas from March 4 and Jelly Jamm from March 25.

(all times CET - Central European Time)

06.00. Dexter's Laboratory
06.20. Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends
06.45. Tom and Jerry Kids
07.00. Gerald McBoing Boing                                         
07.25. Bananas in Pyjamas
07.40. Jelly Jamm
07.55. Krypto: The Super Dog
08.20. Lazy Town
08.50. Garfield
09.20. Taz-Mania
09.45. Tiny Toon Adventures
10.10. Tom and Jerry Tales
10.35. Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries
11.00. Jelly Jamm                                                     
11.15. Baby Looney Tunes
11.40. Bananas in Pyjamas
11.55. Ha Ha Hairies            
12.20. Krypto: The Super Dog   
12.45. Lazy Town                                                    
13.15. Garfield
13.40. Skunk Fu
14.05. Pink Panther and Pals
14.25. Droopy, Master Detective
14.50. Taz-Mania
15.15. Tom and Jerry
15.30. Scooby and Scrappy Doo (1980 shorts)
15.55. Looney Tunes
16.10. Tiny Toon Adventures
16.35. Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries
17.00. Baby Looney Tunes
17.25. Jelly Jamm
17.40. Bananas in Pyjamas
18.05. Lazy Town
18.35. Ha Ha Hairies
19.00. Cartoonito Tales
19.15. Tom and Jerry Tales
19.40. Johnny Bravo
20.05. Duck Dodgers
20.30. The Flintstones
21.00. The Jetsons
21.30. Tom and Jerry
21.45. Hong Kong Phooey
22.10. Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends
22.35. Looney Tunes
23.00. Yogi's Treasure Hunt
23.25. Help! It's the Hair Bear Bunch
23.45. Duck Dodgers
00.10. Dexter's Laboratory
00.40. Garfield
01.05. Pink Panther and Pals
01.25. Looney Tunes
01.45. Tom and Jerry
02.00. Yogi Bear (80s version) 
02.25. Droopy, Master Detective
02.50. The Perils of Penelope Pitstop
03.15. The Flintstones
03.45. The Jetsons
04.15. Looney Tunes
04.30. Scooby Doo, Where Are You?
04.55. Skunk Fu
05.20. Taz-Mania
05.45. Tom and Jerry


  1. Its a just a shame Tom & Jerry Kids has only one slot, and that's before the morning block for Cartoonito.

    Also, the continuity has been a complete muddle as they're still in Winter mode, but several recent idents are in the original/standard mode.. At least they now have one for Droopy.

    good news for the UK. the classics slot will be airing on weekend evenings in march.

  2. That's great for you.

    Today they returned the normal look on both Boomerang and Cartoon Network RSE (probably CEE too).

    The worst thing is that from Monday A Pup Named Scooby Doo will be gone, replaced by Lazy Town. The could at least let one slot for it. Of course they can give that crappy real action thing 3 slots. The only good thing on Cartoonito I ever watch is Paddington Bear. Baby Looney Tunes are fine too but I don't watch them.

    1. Yeah, LazyTown was expected as we got it in the UK, and Turner announced last year they bought the rights to it. There's currently a 3rd series in the works, with a new actress playing Stephanie, but i've never watched it.

      Meanwhile, i can tell you that all the shows have an Ident now on Boomerang, after for so long. Only The New Yogi Bear Show appears to be unannounced, unless that's been update after i checked.

      Also, looking back at the schedule, there isn't of Scooby Doo on there. just a couple slots, one with scrappy and one being the first series. though, that's probably due to CN airing most of it.

    2. I really miss the regular Scooby shows. They keep repeating that one season of Scrappy shorts for months with only one run of the 1979 Scrappy and the gang season. No one can see Scooby Doo Where Are You at 04.30 in the morning, it's ridiculous. Wish they return it to daytime soon but don't have much hopes.