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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

September Update - No Wacky Races

Yes, they are doing it again. First they announced a good schedule with new additions and now in last minute change it's gone. Wacky Races will not come back next month and it's slots will be replaced by Droopy, Master Detective weekdays at 08.45 and on weekends at 12.50 Hong Kong Phooey replaces it everyday at 21.35.

They could at least put The Flintstones in one of these weekday slots. I'll update the schedules with these new changes.


  1. Ouch. (or in Dastardly's case "Drat, and Double Drat!") Wacky Races must be still in the dubbing works, or mistakenly added at first. At least Phooey has more air time. and by your post, i'm guessing... YES to Popeye? only one way to find out (in a few days).

    Meanwhile, i've looked at the EEMA schedule, and found a bizarre discovery. ever heard of the Moomins? they're airing next week.

    1. Mind you, Johnny Bravo doesn't have any airtime in the day, but you probably be happier if he wasn't, huh?

    2. Actually no, I love Johny, Dexter and original 90s Cartoon Cartoons. I actually wish Boom CEE would air Cow & Chicken, don't understand why it was never shown.

      Also, I've been told the reason for Wacky Races withdrawal is "poor dubbing quality". Not sure what exactly that means. Were WR dubbed in Hungarian & Romanian before? I guess they were in Polish like all of old stuff that aired on Boom EMEA.

      As for Boom EMEA Sept schedule, not really liking it, too many blocks and very few classics in daytime. I watched Moomins on Boom UK when it started in early 2000s, used to air in mornings. I liked it, wouldn't mind them on Boom CEE, better than that annoying Puppy cartoon.

    3. I guess Wacky Races was in english. like Droopy was mistakenly so in June. thats what i found. Hair Bear Bunch was the same, till around May they redubbed it.
      If it's poor dubbing quality, are they working up a new revamp? Probably why Top Cat's yet to return.

      I think Boomerang Romania/Hungary were remained English till they eventually got dubbed in their own language.

      Cow and Chicken, i dunno. considering they're Hanna Barbera, but then also CN. And i only remember Moomins on CN in the UK, since Boomerang started off a satellite channel, and i didn't get it on cable till around 2002/3.

      Who knows, there's probably some tweaks occuring to help improve Boomerang's sound and viewing.

      well, Puppies aside, Boomerang UK now has a Cartoonito-ish block on mornings. Look out for LazyTown possibly coming your way.

    4. "Wacky Races" was dubbed into polish for CN in 90's.
      Yes, "Wacky Races" was in english on hungarian Boomerang, on romanian too (but we can't talk about "romanian-language Boomerang", cause 2 years ago romanian language audio track weren't exist on Boomerang Europe, they broadcasted Boomerang only in english). "Hair Bear Bunch", "Popeye", "Huckleberry Hound" and "Jossie and the Pussycats" was dubbed in polish and hungarian in 2006/2007.

  2. Interesting. I wish they would show Huck Hound and Josie, if they already have them in Polish and Hungarian then it would be easy to dub them in Romanian and play them.


  4. I've just checked my EPG and Boomerang HQ has a new show for the first time in months. It's called "The Moomins" and it's on at 6:00 and 15:05.
    Wacky Races is still on my version of Boomerang, at 3:50 (one segment), and 9:40 (two segments). Next step: I will publish Boomerang HQ's schedule.